From: Jonathan Traviesa

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Date: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 11:41 AM
Subject: The CAC and Embracing “This Golden Moment”
Dear Everyone Involved,
As an artist in “SPACES”, I stand behind nearly every emotion and idea offered up by my fellow artists so far. I feel the need not to express my similar opinions in such length (for that: reread the honest feelings of distrust by Kyle Bravo, reread the examples of other institution’s functioning brilliance sited by Sophie Lvoff, and reread the articulate, multi-tiered plan of action laid out by Bob Snead; in fact reread everything offered up so far, and then maybe reread them again.
The truth is that the level of the CAC’s competence is no longer adequate for the rising quality of the contemporary art scene in New Orleans. (The “writing” has been all over St Claude. That scene exists in significant part because of your inadequacy to properly engage and support the talent blooming in {and moving to} this city.)  The international eye of the art-world is focusing sharper on New Orleans and it is a saddening shame to witness the CAC not embracing this golden moment. My hope is that you will not just understand us but to also act upon this understanding.
Maybe it is not too late. BE BRAVE, and START TONIGHT !
Jonathan Traviesa
current and founding member, The Front