From: Generic Art Solutions

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Date: Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Subject: our letter to Jay Weigel

Dear Jay,

In light of recent events, and after much deliberation, Generic Art Solutions feels compelled to remove our artwork from the CAC. We have certainly enjoyed the healthy and respectful relationship we have built with the CAC over the years, but the Visual Art department’s recent decision to resign from their post has left all the “Spaces” artists without an advocate in a complicated institution with multiple agendas.

With respectful consideration to your directorial efforts, it still seems clear that the Visual Art department is at the bottom of your priorities. We are upset that the performance events, screenings, and ongoing evolution of our show that we collectively planned with Amy has been abruptly terminated. And though weeks have passed since their resignations, the CAC failed to contact the artists in an effort to demonstrate a commitment to us, and the completion of our project. Consequently, we feel displaced, dismissed, and disrespected. 

It’s as if the CAC were a restaurant, and mid-meal, you decided to give our table to some A-list celebrities instead–“Don’t worry, guys, they’ll only be here 5 days”, you say. Wait a minute…5 days? 5 weeks?… It seems whatever you decide, and with disregard to our agreement, we’re sure to be the last to know. This is not an isolated incident, and we will no longer stand mute.    

It’s a troubling and recurring fact that the CAC cannot keep a Visual Arts Curator for very long. It has become increasingly clear that there isn’t enough support for your curatorial staff in their efforts to connect enthusiastic artists with our vibrant community. (Dan Cameron, for example, actually inspired the creation of the St. Claude Collectives with Prospect). Shouldn’t the Contemporary Art Center have “ART” as it’s central focus? After all, it IS in the middle of it’s name!

The essence of our “Monopoly (St. Claude)” piece is a critical examination of this very struggle… Where power brokers use artists as pawns, manipulating the future of an art community that we have worked so hard to build. Until we design a better plan, this is where we are.

This is where life mimics art…but these pawns can walk, and walk we must.


Matt and Tony
Generic Art Solutions